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Do you ever crave for teriyaki chicken? One that can be ordered from the Asian restaurants in Australia? Nowadays, even people without Asian blood go crazy over this spicy, pungent, but delicious dish.

Teriyaki chicken is a popular Japanese food served along with other mouth-watering dishes at Asian restaurant North Perth. If you don’t have any idea what it is, just imagine chicken that’s marinated in a soy sauce-based, sweet sauce then afterwards grilled. Others prefer to pan-fry their meat instead of grilling it.

The Japanese term ‘teriyaki’ is a combination of ‘teri’ which means luster and ‘yaki’ which means broil or grill. The teriyaki sauce is the one responsible for giving the ingredients in the dish a shiny look. This sweetened soy sauce is spiked with lots of fresh ginger and garlic to bring out the best flavours of the food.

Drooling over Japanese and other Asian food in Australia? Make a tour of your neighbourhood and certainly you’ll discover the unique tasting oriental cuisine from the best Asian restaurants in Perth.

Heard of the food with a mind boggling taste called Ka-Tha? Your choice of lamb, beef or chicken in a marinade of red wine, coriander and a special home made teriyaki sauce. Yes, there’s a perfect blending of strong aromatic components in the dish, since traditionally, this is the way of preparing Thai recipes. Chefs of the east try to create a balance of the fundamental taste senses of sourness, sweetness, saltiness and bitterness.

The coriander or cilantro gives the Ka-Tha its distinct spiciness and irresistible aroma. Ever wonder what this spice is? Well-known for its lemony flavour, cilantro, also called Chinese parsley, belongs to the family of carrots and parsley.

Either its fruit or its leaves are used to spice up the taste of meats and veggies. The leaves in particular, are often used as garnishes for salsa and guacamole. The best Asian restaurant in Perth makes use of the coriander in many of their oriental recipes.

There are still many other delectable dishes served in most Perth Asian restaurants. Experience meat and seafood cooked in numerous varied hot and spicy sauces, or mixed with creamy coconut milk and seasoned with various fresh herbs.

If you feel tired of eating your everyday meals, switch to the exciting flavours of the east. Find out for yourself which, among the neighbourhood restaurants serving Asian cuisine has the most pleasant ambiance, efficient service, respectful crew, hygienic practice and affordable meals.

Ultimately, it would also serve you best if you can converse with a crew that’s proficient in English. You’ll know the best Asian restaurants in Perth when you see lots of people and repeat visitors rushing to such places.

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