Asian Restaurant North Perth- Showcase of the Best Cambodian Cuisine

Looking for the best Asian restaurant in North Perth? A lot of restaurants offering authentic Asian cuisine have been established in many parts of Australia since the natives became used to blending their culture with that of the Asians.

Among the finest restaurants in North Perth is one that showcases the very best of Cambodian and other Asian dishes. Quality meals with distinct spiciness that Asians are known for are served just on time. Hungry eaters flock to Asian Restaurant North Perth to partake of an authentic Cambodian cuisine.

People may not know it but accordingly, Cambodia’s food is often all about the contrasts, sweet and bitter, salty and sour and fresh and cooked. The country shares similar dishes with its neighbours like Vietnam, Thailand and India.

In Cambodia, there’s a national love of coffee, pate and good bread. Baguettes often served with soup are turned into sandwiches and sold by bicyclists carrying baskets of long loaves. This tradition they continue to practice has been a French Indochina colony in the old days.

If you haven’t been to Cambodia yet, imagine this scenario: lively markets with ambulant vendors pushing rolling woks and grills on wheels, vendor riding motorbikes with cook tops attached to the side and others cruising on bicycles with mango filled baskets attached to the back.

As early as sunrise, soups and porridges are being cooked and sold and stir fried dishes all rolled out by mid morning. By afternoon, grills are filled with the day’s catch. It’s only then that sidewalk tables are put up as open front restaurants. Such scenario entices passersby to sit down and eat.

Condiments and accessories play an important part of Cambodian cuisine. You can choose from greens, herbs, peppers, limes or sauces to mix and flavour your sliced vegetables with. There’s also the combination of fish sauce, chopped chillies, shallots, garlic, and palm sugar, or a make-it-yourself mix of black pepper, salt, and lime juice.

So when you think of real Cambodian dishes, think of Asian Restaurant North Perth.