North Perth Asian Restaurant Cuisine At Its Best

You’re hungry. You closed your eyes and let your mind wander, sorting through the lists of food you want to eat with your friends and family. You have gone through your usual lists and you find them less satiating. Steaks, barbecue, French fries, mashed potato and the likes are no longer satisfying to your palate. You want more zesty, fresh and unique! A fusion of new flavours like that of the East without leaving the comforts of your place.

Worry no more, because we have the best Asian restaurant in Perth for you. Just a few minutes drive away from your abode, you will find Asia’s finest cuisine at North Perth Asian Restaurant. Brace yourself, we will bring you to an exciting Cambodian and Asian food experience that you have never tried before!

Asian Cuisine has been making good reviews all over the world. Even at the West, Asian restaurants in Perth keeps thriving, more and more are getting hooked to the flavours of the East. Here at North Perth we bring that experience closer to you and your home. Although tastes differs from the food we are accustomed to, it’s that big difference that makes your Asian dining experience par excellence!


Here you find a wide array of mouth watering starters. If you are tired of red meats, choices here are superb. The best way to start a sumptuous meal ahead. This will clean and prepare your palate on a more exciting main course.

The Fish cake is something to die for! With our home made sauce mixed with lemon grass and some herbs, gives you a sweet and minty taste on your palate. The Seafood Salad is a topper. It’s sweet and chili concoctions escalates your excitement definitely up a notch.

You could try everything on the list if you are dining out with a large group. This will at least allow you to try more, and make your own favourite the next time you dine – a collection of certified best Asian food in Perth.


For soup lovers, try something new with Tom Kha (Coconut Cream Soup), a perfect blend of coconut milk and lemon grass. Here you will have a taste of a non-dairy creaminess which you don’t get from the usual soup served at home or from your old favourite restaurants.

If you want something tangy and with a little kick the Tamarind Soup is king! Authentic Cambodian in taste that truly tells that sour and sweet makes a perfect combination.


Here you can choose from our various mouth-watering choices. Perth Asian restaurants that serve Udon Noodles? Yes, we have it! With two Asian choices – Cambodian and Japanese,you are sure to find one for your craving. If you go for rice noodles or yellow ones, the choice is yours because each serving definitely guarantees a 100% satisfaction.

For non meat eaters, don’t fret. We have vegetables in store for you, cooked into perfection just the way you like it! Of course, with the Asian touch and twists! Now, still can’t get enough of herbs and coconut cream? The Curries has more. You definitely will have a hard time ordering since every meal on the list is worth trying. With curry powder as the main ingredient, this gives you a taste and feel of an Indian meal, but this one is tamer compared to the real one. Just enough to give you a hit of curry, herbs and coconut cream combined.


A great dining experience will never be great without desserts! Here at North Perth Asian Restaurant, we always make sure that you get the best. Heard about our famous deep fried ice cream? Whoa! How did they do that? Deep frying ice cream without melting? Well that’s for you to find out. Another signature is our Banana Sago Pudding a totally Asian version of your blueberry cheesecake only better!

Now open your eyes, call your family, get your car keys and heed your way now to North Perth Cambodian and Asian Restaurant home of the best Asian food in Australia, where great cuisine awaits!