North Perth Asian Restaurant – For Great-Tasting Culinary Treats Of The East

Do you ever crave for Oriental food particularly dishes cooked the Cambodian way? Brace yourself for this bit of good news. Even when outside of the Asian region, you can still savour the best tasting Asian food in Australia.

North Perth Asian Restaurant offers authentic Cambodian cuisine, along with other great-tasting culinary treats of the East. Both locals and Westerners alike have grown to love our style of cooking, whatever recipe we whip up. The secret? Only the finest and the freshest ingredients, spices and herbs are used. Further, we serve food the way you want it, either dine in or take away.

Cambodian Cuisine – Different From The Rest

What makes Cambodian cookery unique? Well, people often compare it with that of Vietnam and Thailand, its next door neighbours. Spices and aromatic herbs are massively used. Another popular practise in cooking is, the little use of fat and meats, like what the best Asian restaurants in Perth do.

What makes it all the more distinct is the use of ‘prahok’ in many dishes which gives food its specific pungent flavour. Prahok is fermented fish paste, grey in colour, that’s an essential part of Khmer cuisine. It can be used as a dipping sauce. Having a particular smell, it easily gained the nickname “Cambodian Cheese”, which reminds one of ripe Camembert.

Locals boast that nothing can substitute for prahok in making Cambodian food so tasty. Nobody can explain why, but, there’s something beyond flavour, different than when shrimp paste or the anchovies are used. Food lovers who are used to dining at Perth Asian restaurants affirm that a dish takes on a kind of body and volume when flavoured with the popular paste.

Typical Cambodian Meal

Life around the country is simple, hence, people lead an ordinary lifestyle. Daily meals simply consist of a main fish dish, vegetables, a soup, a salad, with a hefty serving of rice. This for the fact that freshwater fish is excessively abundant, coming from such sources as the Mekong River, and the huge lake connected to it, the Tonle Sap. Generally however, noodles, grills, stir-fries, curries are also a common fare on Cambodian tables.

Aside from fish, fresh vegetables and fruits are also aplenty, hence, these are used as main ingredients in recipes especially desserts, prepared at a particular Asian restaurant found in Perth. Incidentally, sweets made from sticky rice and mango with coconut milk finish off the simple meals.

Cambodian Desserts

Desserts prepared Cambodian style are fast becoming popular nowadays in many parts of the globe. The traditional Khmer sweets use mostly taro and rice-based puddings, like those served in the Chinese restaurant found in Perth CBD. Bananas and mango, also teeming in the country, are used in preparing sweets.

Try our best seller, Banana Rice Pudding. It’s a healthy concoction of assorted fruits with banana as the main base, and boiled in a mixture of cooked rice and milk. Cinnamon, nutmeg and honey enrich the flavour.

Another well-loved dessert is the Sticky Rice and Mango. Cooked glutinous rice seasoned with coconut milk and sugar is garnished with fresh mango slices arranged on a serving dish, and topped with heated thick coconut milk. Perfect to complement your sumptuous dinner!

Feeling hungry now? Don’t waste time. Visit North Perth Asian Restaurant, located just in Mt. Hawthorn, Australia. Or, call us for your reservation.